Past Events

Mentoring Day and Awards 2019

Bioscience Girls Day

10th March 2018


14th January 2017

The aim of the event was to provide senior high school girls a Bioscience experiential day which would involve engaging with professionals, considering career paths and trying out hands on practical Bioscience techniques. including DNA extraction, Chromatography and microscopy techniques.

The event took place on Saturday 10th March as part of international women’s day celebrations and brought together 43 Senior High School girls from 4 different schools. The Animal laboratory at the Physiology department of the University of Ghana Medical School was used for the hands on practical experiment with support from some volunteers and research scientists based at the West African Centre of Cell Biology and Infectious Pathogens (WACCBIP).

Feedback after the event indicates that the girls enjoyed the experience and the learning opportunity that came along with it. The teachers who accompanied the students also took part in the activities and were pleased with the overall quality and content of materials shared on the day.

The Neurogirl Camp was conceived by GhScientific with the aim of providing senior high school girls (Age 14-19) a neuroscience experiential day which would involve engaging with professionals, considering career paths and trying out hands on practical neuroscience techniques.

The event took place from 9am to 4pm and brought together 113 Senior High School Schools from 13 different schools. Neuroscience professionals who were members of the Ghana Neuroscience Society were on hand during the morning session to engage with the girls and shed light on what they do as a profession.


From ambitions to work-life balance and salary, no question was left unanswered. Researchers from the University of Ghana Pharmacy department and the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission provided some equipment and laboratory animals which were used to demonstrate basic animal behavioural techniques used in neuroscience research.

Ghana National Biology Challenge 2016

20th May, 2016

More than 140 students from 5 secondary schools individually tested their biological knowledge and application skills on May 20th in Presbyterian Boys' Senior High School in Accra. 10 students (including Form-1 student) received gold medals. After the exam, participants also experienced some basic biochemical techniques at University of Ghana.

In order to purely test students' application skills, the exam was designed to be able to solved without any specific knowledge in advanced-level biology. This is because we believe that application is more important than memorization when competing at the International Biology Olympiad. We will continue this exam format in the future so that even Form 1 students can be motivated to participate and can proceed to the next round.

The electrophoresis experience session in the afternoon was a great success, thanks to University of Ghana professors and their students. For most high school students, it was their first time seeing and experiencing this basic yet extremely important biochemical method, electrophoresis. The session was planned to end in 30 minutes, but passion of both teachers and students forced to extend each session for more than an hour. For organizers, it was such a pleasant surprise. 

Again, we thank you, students, teachers, professors and other supporters, for making this event possible. We hope to see you all soon! 

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