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What is Ghana National Biology Challenge?

Ghana National Biology Challenge (GNBC) is a nation-wide individual biology competition for Ghanaian secondary school students. Our high quality exams based on the world-wide biology competition, International Biology Olympiad (IBO), nurture students' ability to test and apply their biological knowledge and skills. We have successfully hosted our first competition on May 2016. Our future competitions will select and train top students to send them to the International Biology Olympiad as a Ghanaian national team.

GNBC is founded and organized by a Ghanaian Non-Profit Organization GhScientific in collaboration with Taiga Araki, a former IBO competitor from Japan. In addition, various organizations, such as Ghana Education Service, University of Ghana, recognize and support our competition. 

What is International Biology Olympiad?

The IBO (International Biology Olympiad) is the world’s most prestigious biological competition for high school students across the world. Every year, students from about 70 nations (four members from each country) individually compete against each other in biological knowledge and practical lab skills. Since the participants need to go thorough extremely competitive domestic tournaments to be in the IBO, they are not only top students but also future leaders of their countries.

Moreover, the IBO is not just biology. In the week-long event, there are intercultural exchange events, trips and tours across the host country, and numbers of fun gatherings with other participants from all over the world. The world has many cultural events, but it is hard to find one with 70 countries equally involved and represented, like the IBO.

Three Reasons Why the IBO is Good for Ghana 
Selected Students


The IBO will provide a “truly global” experience to selected Ghanaian students because they get to compete and interact with brilliant youths from 70 countries, not just several major countries. The process to be selected and the experience at the competition will give them a great advantage in their future careers.

All Biology Students


The presence of the GNBC and IBO in Ghana will have a positive impact even on those who are not chosen for the national team.  The GNBC can serve as a wonderful study goal for all Ghanaian high school students who are interested in science. It encourages students’ active learning.  

the Country

Intelligent youths with global experiences will have a great impact on the entire Ghanaian society, not just in biology. Many former participants are actively creating 

positive differences in their home societies or the world as future global leaders. The GNBC is one of the steps for Ghana to go global.

2019 GNBC concludes with mentoring day and awards presentation at WACCBIP, Legon.
Biology experience day held at Accra College of Medicine.  Participating schools included Tema International School, High Grade Montessori School, Association International School, Galaxy International School and Ghana International School
15th - 25th June 2018
Stage 2 test 
Registration is now open for the GNBC 2018 to select participants of the IBO 2019. Please check back for more information
20.10.17 - 22.10.17
Ghana attends first International Biology Olympiad committee meeting in Prague. 
23.07.17 -30.07.17.
Ghana sent an observer to the 2017 International Biology Olympiad in UK where we also served as observers.
The new GNBC website is open.
The old website will close shortly.
GNBC organizers GhScientific and Taiga Araki from the Japanese olympiad theme will be on the radio show at Radio Univers (105.7 FM).
The first-ever Ghana National Biology Challenge (GNBC 2016) was successfully held in Presbyterian Boys' Secondary School and University of Ghana. Thank you so much for your participation and cooperation!
Read more about GNBC 2016
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